Parents Code of Conduct

Parents/Guardian responsibilities

  • Parents must have players at Training Sessions a minimum 15 minutes prior to the start of the session.
  • Parents must have players at games a minimum 30 minutes prior to the start of the Game (or as the Coaches instructions).
  • Ensure Players take with them to all games and training sessions:- Shin Pads, Soccer Socks Soccer Boots, Soccer Shorts Drink Bottle, Jumper Sunscreen, Cap
  • Coaches are volunteers and do their best – do not criticise them./
  • The Coaches and Referee’s decision is final.
  • Provide a model of good behaviour for all players.
  • Demonstrate courtesy towards all players, all officials, and all spectators.
  • Let game officials conduct the match without interference yet be willing to provide assistance if required.
  • Do not coach the children from the sideline as this interferes with the work that the coaches are trying to accomplish with the children.
  • Ensure the Club Training strip is worn at training sessions.
  • Ensure the Club Shirt and uniform is to be worn to and from ALL games.
  • Contact the Team Manager as early as possible prior to scheduled time where the player is unable to attend training or a game.
  • Contact the Team Manager for any queries in relation to training or the match game.
  • Contact the Team Manager if transport is required.
  • First point of contact is the Team Manager for any queries you have.
  • Take your turn and wash strips when rostered on for your team.
  • Canteen duty is obligatory for all teams at home games. Take your turn. All teams are required to attend canteen duty for 30 minutes prior to your child’s game unless rostered otherwise.
  • After training and playing on the fields before you leave – Look Around – Don’t forget your clothes, drink bottles or rubbish.
  • Please appreciate the following rules within this booklet, which will change from time to time, are primarily in place for your children’s safety.
  • A great deal of expense has gone into installing fences, posts, nets and greenery that we are so fortunate to have. We ask you to please ensure children DO NOT climb or destroy them. Please inform your children.
  • In the case of injury during play Parents / Guardians are NOT permitted to man handle the injured player as it will nullify all insurance if a serious injury occurs.

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